Retouching Service

We offer a full professional pre-print service incorporating retouching and colour management to enhance your photographs and optimise them to their fullest potential.

We offer three levels of retouching: Basic, Corrective and Creative.

Basic level retouching includes: red eye removal, removing colour casts, re-cropping and correcting under and over-exposure. Examples can be seen below.

Corrective level retouching includes: opening closed eyes, removing unwanted objects or people, correcting image distortion, adding objects or people to a shot and skin smoothing/slimming (commonly referred to as ‘airbrushing’)

Creative level retouching includes: adding special effects eg creating a vintage look, adding colour effects eg sepia tone, changing backgrounds, adding mood and drama.

Corrective and creative levels are available upon request and we would need to see the images first to determine the level of work required.

Please call us for details.


£100 per 50
images or £5
per single

Contact us for more info & prices

Contact us for more info & prices


View examples of Basic level retouching work