Wedding Albums

Your wedding day is a special day you want to remember in detail for the rest of your life! From the bride’s earrings to the groom’s tie, there are countless little details that we don’t ever want to forget. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have perfect photographic memories; luckily, with the right wedding album we needn’t worry about ever forgetting anything! Tell your love story in a gorgeous wedding album that your children, and their children after that, will be able to enjoy and celebrate for years to come.

A Family Heirloom for Generations:

Elegant wedding albums can become treasured family heirlooms for many generations. They can only last that long however, if they are made from the best quality materials. Here at Bobo, we ensure that your wedding albums will be as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing! Our exquisite albums will withstand more page-turning than your most popular coffee-table books! Let your wedding album be as timeless as your love with our fantastic, high quality album options!

Our durable cover options include:

  1. Italian leather
  2. Italian leather with engraved initials/names
  3. Photographic covers

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A Personal Wedding Experience:

Because your wedding is an intensely personal celebration (no matter how many people you invite), here at Bobo, we believe that the creation of a wedding album should be just as personal! We offer you the opportunity to create a personalised wedding album that tells your love story from your perspective, and reflects exactly what you would like it to! Although professional album makers can create great albums, only you have the in-depth, personal knowledge of your feelings or style, and what you would like your album to convey. No one knows you better than yourselves, and this is why creating a personalised wedding album is the best way to go!

Tell your story the way you want to with our album creation features:

  1. Express Order: You can select from a wide range of colour and size options.
  2. Custom Order: You can create a completely unique album with our easy-to-use album customisation tools!

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Wide Price Range:

Weddings can be expensive events! The quality of wedding albums however, should never be compromised! Here at Bobo, we understand this and ensure that no matter what your budget is, you can still get the best quality album as well as choose from a wide range of options.

Here at Bobo, you get exactly what you pay for, the cost depends on your album options (cover choice, page numbers, etc.). Our album selection/customisation pages allow you to create the wedding album of your dreams without going over your budget! All our pricing is very clear – you know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re getting!

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