Why Choose a Leather Album?

When you have a bunch of photos, eventually, you’re probably confronted with the question of what to do with them. Luckily, today there are many options available in terms of how to share our photographs with our family and friends. We can share them online, through various social networks or email them around, among many other digital or electronic options. Since the advent of these modern technologies, one might think that the need for photo albums would have diminished – this is not however, the case, in fact, quite to the contrary! Physical albums have never gone out of style and leather photo albums in particular, have been a huge trend for a long while now!

There’s something about having the physical pictures right in front of you that can never be replicated on a computer screen. Of course there’s also the style/interior design element of adding a gorgeous album to fit in with your home décor and brighten up your coffee table that has also kept albums popular and much loved, as accessories in many homes.

If you’ve noticed the trend towards leather bound photo albums, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. This list will show you why a leather photo album truly is the best choice for all occasions and purposes!

  1. Robustness: Unlike plastic albums or other hard cover albums, a leather album is much sturdier. Depending on its size, it could even support itself vertically when placed appropriately in a room; in this way it could be a lovely decorative item!
  1. Durability: A leather bound photo album can last generations as a family heirloom! You need not worry about some of your most precious memories wearing away or being destroyed with age. This is why leather wedding photo albums are especially popular – everyone wants their special day stored carefully for as long as possible!
  1. Easy to Maintain: Unlike cloth covered albums for example, leather photo albums are very easy to maintain. While cloth albums can gather dust in between the fibres that are almost impossible to get out without completely washing the album, for leather bound photo albums, a quick swipe with a wet wipe is sufficient!



  1. Colour Options: In the not too distant past, if you were looking for a leather album, you were only provided one choice, a brown leather photo album. Now however, there are endless possibilities in terms of colour. Whether you’re looking for a black leather photo album, or a white leather wedding album – you can find countless of options in many different hues at Bobo!
  1. Personalisation: Personalised leather photo albums are popular for a reason – they let you share your story the way you want to! Choosing an appropriate style, shape, size and colour, is essential to getting the desired effect for your album. Different sized albums can be used for different purposes, allowing you greater flexibility with your pictures; a large leather photo album for example, can make a fabulous coffee table book! At Bobo, you can choose from a wide range of sizes, and even create your own custom design!

If it’s quality, flexibility and style that you’re after in an album, there’s no question about leather being the absolute best material. Look through Bobo’s elegant collection and choose the album of your dreams!